About Me

Hi, I just moved here from LA and have not brought my dogs here yet. Still looking for work and trying to get settled in.  A friend took me to Westminster Dog Park and I was amazed.  It's just so beautiful and so much land, that for a Southern California girl, it blows my mind.  Our dog parks in LA might be 2 acres but then they are divided up into 3 sections for big, small & timid and tiny dogs.  So no one really gets a place to run or be by themselves... dogs or owners.  I am also a pet photographer so I bring my camera to the park when I hike. I do love to hike anyway and seeing the dogs in the swimming hole is unbelievable.  I have never seen so many dogs get along so well.  I have noticed that when I greet a dog, which I always do, (major dog lover) they always jump up on me.  I know the owners cringe every time they do that, I don't mind I expect to get wet and dirty there, but I think the dogs are just so happy and free they loose all sense of manners and training.  Their little heads are just exploding with joy!  I don't mind at all.  So I created this blog, just so I can have some place to post my photos that I take and maybe other dog owners will comment or complain or something too.  I am loving Denver and all the open space.  I can't wait for my knucklehead mutts to check out the park.

PS:  Please feel free to comment, download photos of your dog, enjoy.  You are allowed to use photos for your own use, no publishing without my consent please.  I am a dog photographer and you can see more of my work at www.ladedogphotography.com