Aug 19, 2011

A Great Dog Park

 Spencer Ricardo, a Chug (pug chihuahua) & REPO, a mini pin
Hi, I just moved here from LA and have not brought my dogs here yet. Still looking for work and trying to get settled in.  A friend took me to Westminster Dog Park and I was amazed.  It's just so beautiful and so much land, that for a Southern California girl, it blows my mind.  Our dog parks in LA might be 2 acres but then they are divided up into 3 sections for big, small & timid and tiny dogs.  So no one really gets a place to run or be by themselves... dogs or owners.  I am also a pet photographer so I bring my camera to the park when I hike. I do love to hike anyway and seeing the dogs in the swimming hole is unbelievable.  I have never seen so many dogs get along so well.  I have noticed that when I greet a dog, which I always do, (major dog lover) they always jump up on me.  I know the owners cringe every time they do that, I don't mind I expect to get wet and dirty there, but I think the dogs are just so happy and free they loose all sense of manners and training.  Their little heads are just exploding with joy!  I don't mind at all.  So I created this blog, just so I can have some place to post my photos that I take and maybe other dog owners will comment or complain or something too.  I am loving Denver and all the open space.  I can't wait for my knucklehead mutts to check out the park.

PS:  Please feel free to comment, download photos of your dog, enjoy.  You are allowed to use photos for your own use, no publishing without my consent please.  I am a dog photographer and you can see more of my work at


  1. Excellent pics. Well done!

  2. Welcome to the Westminster Dog Park....we love bringing our Chocolate Lab, Cinnamon, for a romp in the canals and pond and for some great playtime with other dogs! Wait til you see the park in the winter...Cinnamon also loves running through the pristine snow! Love your photos! Good luck with the job search!

  3. Hello, love the site. I run with my Weimaraner there virtually everyday to the tune of 10-15 miles, a beautiful space. Yesterday, Sept. 10, however my Weim was attacked by a Rhodesian Ridgeback, not a normal little "dog spat" this dog, totally unprovoked put a 4 inch puncture wound just below the neck, and a 2 inch would on his shoulder, along with multiple other bite marks. The dog was clearly out to kill my dog. The husband and wife who own him were unable to control or get their dog off of my Weim. They are always there together, usually about 9am. I love this space dearly, but wanted to let other users of this space to be on the lookout for this couple and their dog.